The Park City Life revolves around outdoor recreation, and saving our green spaces is a critical movement to preserve the Park City Life.  Summit Land Conservancy has done an outstanding job over time protecting our open spaces from development.  Notably, The Summit Land Conservancy has saved the following areas, partnering with other donor groups and individuals:  Round Valley Recreation Area, Swaner Nature Preserve, Bonanza Flat, Hi-Ute Ranch, Armstrong Snow Ranch, Treasure Hill, Osguthorpe Farm.  There must be a balance between home development and our beloved open space.  We are eternally grateful!

Just recently, Osguthorpe Farm was groomed for Nordic Skiing and today Doug is up on Bonanza Flat riding his fat bike, embracing the Park City Life.

For those of us that already own a home or desire to purchase a home in Park City, this type of conservation is imperative.  Consider donating or volunteering or voting for more protected open spaces!

Click on the image below to visit the "we save land" site.  Below, Doug skate skiing at Osguthorpe Farm this week.